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Steve Ruttenberg attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University at the Prescott College Campus located in Northern Arizona earning his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering and minors in Math and Physics.  Currently a Candidate DER (has been selected by the FAA for technical expertise and has been assigned a mentor to train/review FAA required paper work until FAA is satisfied that candidate understands the administrative aspects of delegation and will then no longer require FAA specific paper work to be reviewed by mentor.)   for parts 25 and 27 aircraft/rotorcraft structures for wing, empennage, fuselage and landing gear

With over 11 years of experience in Aerospace Engineering and has taught classes in finite element modeling using Patran and Nastran and Catia.

Some of the programs worked on:

CDI Aerospace:

Contract to perform stress analysis for the JSF CTOL Center Section Avionics Bay.



Bell Helicopters:

AH-1Z Cobra Helicopter and UH-1Z Huey for the US Marines



Orbital Sciences:

Taurus, Missile Defense, Ground Penetrating Rocket




AXAF Telescope




Premier I

Business jet (designed the windshield, frame and side windows)




747 struts/nacelles

777 fuselage

737 Next Generation Floors

Air force 1, Air force 2, KC-135, Navy C40 Cargo Conversion

MD Helicopters:  

MD900 (Dutch and Stuttgart Police, DEA, various customers)

MD600 (aft fan section redesign using 3D finite element modeling)

520N various structures

500 (369) various structures