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Cronus Engineering offers a variety of services:

Structural analysis and design of aircraft primary and secondary structures as well as modifications is done utilizing classical techniques as well as finite element modeling.  Our primary software package for finite element modeling is Patran/Nastran.  If required, analysis and design can be performed for other structures such as, but not limited to radio controlled aircraft and model rocketry and more. 

All analysis is done using standard engineering techniques and formats.  If you desire the reports can be done in your company's format.  All preliminary and final reports will be professionally presented to you in the format desired.  The initial as well as the final reports will be available via the website for you to download review and upload for required corrections.  If you desire, hard copies can be mailed as well using cd, dvd, zip disk and conventional paper.

Design of structure is performed using the latest in cad programs.

Examples of aircraft/spacecraft structures:

Primary structure:

rocket stages such as those for Taurus rocket platforms

Secondary structure:
Floor beams
Floor panels

Aircraft/Spacecraft modifications:
Any type of aircraft/spacecraft modifications from antenna installations to primary and secondary structure modifications can be analyzed and designed.